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I'm in a real similar situation. I'm 50 and a retired aircraft maintenance manager. I got tired of playing the silly HR games and started out on my own with out much prep unfortunately & I started at least a month late this year. I'm using older used equipment and using my technical skills to get it into shape. Its funny that I always tried to avoid working on small engines, but here I am.

I'm fortunate that I don't have to make a whole lot of money to get by, but I'd like it to grow so we can travel etc again. I have days that I'm sore and tired but most of them are from clean ups and haul offs, not the mowing and trimming. One of the reasons I took this option quite frankly is that I had gotten fat and out of shape from sitting behind a desk. I don't enjoy the heat I know is coming, but I do like being out and about. I'll bet that if you use your smarts, you won't have to be a solo for long unless you want it that way.

Mike Brewster
Sundown Property Services
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