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Originally Posted by Jpeg lawn maintenance View Post
funny you say that i have the 45 i like them but tanaka is suppose to have one of the best heard nothing but great things about them. How do you get the edges so smooth did you go over them a bunch of times?
Ha, well good to know. I will look those up and check them out. I run everything might be hard to switch brands!

And yes, I go over my shrubs 2-3 times, each time either lightly raking or shaking my hand over them to get the clippings out and pop up any uncut areas. Some of these Wintergem Boxwoods get so top heavy the braches sag and you gotta release the weight and go over them a few times. it's a pain, but I like the results- it's something that's worth doing well and taking your time with....

Originally Posted by Clonts Landscaping View Post
I have had a 45 for probably 6 years or longer and never had a problem except the handle breaking. I bought the 81's this winter and they have great power but will wear your ass out.
Absolutely! My back and midsection gets tortured doing these jobs. Thanks for the word on the 45s! Might be buying some. Starting to do a LOT more trimming jobs. eeeeuuugh.
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