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thanks everyone for the replys.

Basically I feel very good about the business, I sometimes just worry about getting injured or something out of my control that could mess up the weekly schedule.... I assume this goes through most guys minds from time to time that are doing this solo.

I have been an athelete all my life so the hard work does not bother me at all, although on cleanups, etc. I do get a little sore, but fine by the next day. My 13 yr old son helps on the weekends and does a pretty good job trimming, hauling stuff, etc etc... So I do have some help on the bigger clean-up jobs...

My second biggest concern was getting close to my 40k salary with my last job. I am always doing the math in my head to see how I will get close to that figure. I will also do snow removal ( snowblower ) for 2010-11 winter season and see how it goes... A good handful of my customers are looking forward to me doing their snow removal and don't mind if I use a plow or snowblower. The snowblower is a less expensive option for this upcoming season, but maybe I'll get a plow the following year...

As far as the money, I figure 35 clients @ a $25-27 avg ( for a 30 week season) then snow removal and other odd jobs during the winter. My rough estimate should get me around the mid 30's for this year, which I can live with.... And who knows if I will be brave and add a couple part-time workers the following year? I just put my faith in God and keep my nose to the grindstone. I believe all things happen for a reason and new doors and options open...

thanks again everyone for your encouragement and comments...
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