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Originally Posted by underPSI View Post
I did view the diagram when I was looking at your specific model engine but on mine the diagram doesn't show up. I did a visual on my actual engine and I can't see why I'd need the part since the drain nut is actually located at the end of the drain tube. It would make sense to need that part if the flow control was located on the block. Maybe I'm missing something here, I don't know. And yes, I plan on adding the oil cooler.
Try comparing the two models and see if you can get the valve assem. to show. Compare the FH721V-DS22 and FH721V-DS25.

Kawasaki Parts
The FH721V-DS23 and DS25 don't list the valve assembly. Either they realized it was not necessary at some point, or maybe this is not an extension at all, but maybe just the plain old drain plug we already have. Good observation either way. I will compare it to the drain that's on mine when the parts arrive, if it's the same I will return it. You may have saved me a little moolah$$, thanks!
I looked at every diagram for the DS25 and none shows any part like that anywhere. Strange thing is, though, if you have that part on your engine, why isn't it listed anywhere on their diagram? May have been left out I suppose by mistake.
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