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Originally Posted by bozack23 View Post
O.K. so I have decided to get back in the lawncare business but this time I want to do it different. I had 35 accounts for 3 years about 8 years ago. I bought 20 accounts, a 36 Lesco Hydro walk behind, and two commercial 21 Lawnboys from a coworker and got the other 15 accounts by word of mouth. Learned the hard way not to buy accounts or start out with debt. The good news is when I got out of the business I was able to sell the accounts and equipment.This time I want to start from scratch and build it myself. My dilema is I don't have alot of money to buy equipment and I want to go after bigger yards than I had before (1/2 acre and bigger). Would it be possible to get these accounts with smaller equipment like 21 commercial mowers or do most customers like the look a larger walk behind leaves.
You can't go after 1/2 acre accounts with 21 inch mowers because you won't be able to bid competitively against guys running big machines;that should be obvious to you,unless you find homeowners who insist on a 21".Go after the smaller places,you know, small gates,steps that you can't get a larger mower up, until you can upgrade.
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