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Originally Posted by bohiaa View Post
you havent seen nothing yet
try having 2 mowers go down at the same time. i bought 2 mowers. one to use if the other one was down. i had sum dumbass biatch hit my trailer at a stoplight. bam there goes my mowing. luckily i learnd how to work on my equipment and had em up in runnn in no time(parts ordered too)....but i ended up usin a 21" push mower because i refuse to have my customers hate me. the way i look at it is we are responsible to have there lawns taken care of no matter what breaks down. point: u shoulda been out there pushin em man. and yes, i have full acre accounts that i pushed, so it is possible to keep ur customers happy and save urself the embarrassment. luckily i only had to do it for 3 days
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