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Originally Posted by Green Scape View Post
I love how people make this seem so simple and easy. The truth is, first you need goals in place, What kind of business is this gonna be for you, full time, side work etc? Then you can figure out which business entity will suit your needs better. Obviously you need insurance, equipment, and to licensed and registered, but to do this the right way, and make a good investment.....there's so much more to it, and money. Just my 2 cents......7 years plus in the business.
u read my mind. since i dont have to say that......i just started this year and already have spent over $8,000 and still dont have new mowers, etc. there are alot of things that u dont think about be4 u get into this that u run into, that cost MONEY! do urself a favor and save ur money so u can do this right. once u have enough money to buy the right equipment, then start setting ur game plan. sorry to sound rude, but if u dont even know how to obtain or what a state business license is at the very least....ur not going to get very far. good luck
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