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Originally Posted by Fireguy97 View Post
My biggest problem with Fluid Film -

Why did it take me so long to find out about this stuff??!!

I picked up my first spray can today. It took me about two hours to coat most of my hand tools that I had on the truck. In the morning I'm doing the tools at the jobsite.

I love Fluid Film!!

Most of my hand tools 'were' rusted and pretty stiff with the rust and crud jammed it them over the years of irrigation work, getting them coated with water and mud. Within minutes of spraying the rust was melting off. My pipe cutters were coated with irrigation glue. That stuff sticks and stays on anything and everything it touches. I sprayed my pipe cutters, they now work better than new and the glue slid right off. They now look like shiny new rookies tools with lots of scratches.

If this stuff works 1/100th as good during the next month as this first couple of hours has been, I'll never be without a can in the truck, and a can in the workshop. For the past hour I've been spraying everything in sight. My load binders, ratchets for my load straps, my big load strap ratchets on my trailer, every rusted surface that I can find on my trailer, all of the mechanical connections on my Ditch Witch, all of my irrigation shovels - I've already tried them out. Dirt and clay doesn't stick to them any more.

....And I even had to buy my first can. No samples to Canada. Thanks for your offer Dano! I do appreciate it, but as you know Customs Canada has other ideas.

Have to go and find more stuff to spray.

welcome to the army my friend
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