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Originally Posted by GrassIsGreenerLawnCare View Post
man ur not gonna land 50 accounts just by sending out postcards/flyers lol. gaining accounts takes time and hard work and word of mouth. Getting accounts isnt as easy as it sounds and DEFINATELY doesnt happen overnight! Flyer response rate is lower than 1% id hate to tell u. Did u ever think that everyone and there mother has already sent out flyers to the whole enitre community already? this is my first year starting out(licensed/insured LLC) and i have done every advertising scheme u can think of short of TV. Newspapers are a joke, Flyers/postcards are kinda bunk (but u need to hand deliver if u expect results which takes time), yard signs, signs on trees on main roads, putting flyers in middle of sunday papers, and the best thing that has worked is word of mouth. U need to get out there and do the best job u can (and not lowball) so people realize how good of a job u do. then u will finally see some calls coming in. but if u think u are just gonna be able to send out a bunch of postcards and get 10-50 accounts u are dreamin. trust me i though it was gonna be alot easier too, but its not
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