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Refreshing to see posts like this...good to know other awakened people out there. I have a Christian world view but I'm not offended by what you said by the major world religions.


As much as like and enjoy some aspects of the of the lawncare industry I would love to do the following instead:

#1 Have a back country flying service: I'm a private pilot and a A & P mechanic but I haven't done either for a very long time. I ran out of money to fly and working nights as a aircraft mechanic burned me out quickly. We don't have to work nights and sleep during the day [miss out on the day] with lawncare.

#2 Run and operate a full immersion survival school with varying degrees of programs. Many of those weeds you herbicide guys are spraying for now will be gladly welcomed back in the not to distant future...if they only knew... This type of program would get fairly complicated since it would require other instructors and more complex operational parameters over just a simple solo lawncare Co.

#3 Own and operate an outdoor outfitter recreation Co. Rafting Company...close encounters with Grizzly guide maybe.
If I could find the funding for someone to pay the bill $$$ - full time deep woods Sasquatch research.....Not kidding...what better way to camp out doors for long periods of time and get paid for it. Sasquatch not found or captured no big loss here.

#4 Figure out a way to live off the grid as much as possible and insulate myself from living in this Matrix as much as possible. This is basically impossible while running a Lawncare biz... at least the way I work during the Spring. Much more possible if ones family is on board with the program. Don't get me started on that.

#5 Already did the Marine Corps...would always hire a vet over a non vet....I have great respect for honorable service and sacrifice to the country. What I don't have respect for is the bomb fodder and small projectile interceptor expendable personel mentality by our power elite for frankly imperialistic and globalistic and hip pocket $ goals that do not represent our supposed defense of freedom. I'm sure StoneFaced could expand on that.

#6 Tried to get hired as a Full Time firefighter few years back but I found it extremely difficult to lie on oral interviews about supposed diversity issues. Maybe it was just me with all the questions with the different district interviews and all but yes I'm a horrible liar. Don't get me started on the diversity training and violence in the workplace pabulum it had to sit through as even just a volunteer firefighter. Yet another advantage to lawncare...I'm my own boss and I don't have to be subjected to mandatory classes and such.
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