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Originally Posted by Big Bad Bob View Post
Nationality has nothing to do with it. If they are from Mexico, Guatemala, Brazil, Canada, Germany, Italy, Australia, Somalia, CUBA or any where else and they are here ILLEGALLY, it is wrong and they should leave. And any company or individual or group of individuals that give them safe harbor, they or their representatives, should do prison time.
I am half native American, Cherokee, so don't give me that crap about my ancestors being immigrants. My European ancestors came to America in the 1880's, LEGALLY from Germany and Ireland and you can guess about my native American ancestors.
And you do know that most Mexicans consider the southwest USA to be theirs under USA occupation? My daughter is married to a man whom was born and raised in Mexico and came here LEGALLY and is now a naturalized citizen and he told me this is what he was taught in school.
I have lived in the Southwest all my life and have many hispanic friends..Ive NEVER heard that Mexicansconsider the southwest theirs..Thats hilarious..

As far as all this legal illegal nonsense,,,If I have the opportunity to hire a hardworking man thats gonna break his back to feed his struggling family Im not gonna flinch at the chance....As versus keeping the job in the "American realm" were my choices arwe fat lazy highschoolers that are only doing it to pay for a sack and a new playstation game....Commmme on man.

Were all PEOPLE here on this planet,,,who gives a sh it about some green piece of paper,,,,as if that makes any difference...
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