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Originally Posted by fastpine View Post
I have lived in the Southwest all my life and have many hispanic friends..Ive NEVER heard that Mexicansconsider the southwest theirs..Thats hilarious..

As far as all this legal illegal nonsense,,,If I have the opportunity to hire a hardworking man thats gonna break his back to feed his struggling family Im not gonna flinch at the chance....As versus keeping the job in the "American realm" were my choices arwe fat lazy highschoolers that are only doing it to pay for a sack and a new playstation game....Commmme on man.

Were all PEOPLE here on this planet,,,who gives a sh it about some green piece of paper,,,,as if that makes any difference...
The quote above is a perfect example of what I stated in a earlier post which I restated below.

Americans have become too selfish and self centered over the last few decades. Today it's not about doing the right thing, but all about what benefits me and me only and who cares about what effects it has on other people, animals, the economy, whatever the case may be.

Dump toxic chemicals into a creek, ahh who cares if it kills the fish, I don't eat them anyway but I saved legal dump fees so that justifies it. Or in BP's case who cares about the safety of our workers, oil blowouts, the ocean environment, the livelihood of thousands of fisherman and the industries they support, BP saved millions for the shareholders. Except a blowout did happen and now it will cost them billions and all the damage they have done.

Some LCO's will hire an illegal in a heartbeat to save money over hiring a legal or god forbid an American. But these same LCO's will be the first to rail against unemployed Americans who start their own business using a pushmower out of the trunk of thier car or rickety trailer. Ohh those damn lowballers, they don't pay taxes, they don't have insurance, they don't have a business license, ect. Why your totally legit in your business except err ummm the help you hire, but we won't mention that will we? Maybe if you hired Americans they would not be your competition later, and they will spend the money here in this economy instead of it being sent back to Mexico.
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