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Originally Posted by lawn guy 300 View Post
I got about 10 responses, did a few one time or a few times jobs, but kept 5 seasonal accounts. I didn't have to bid. They were residentials. I figure if I advertise ten times as much I can get ten times the responses. Also, I'm gonna target older people primarily with the postcards, but I'll advertise to the general public as well. I'll start interviewing companies about their current lawn service early in January, then give them my card and a free estimate (lower by 20%) a week or so later.
I have a car payment I'd like to get rid of replaced by my business loan payment, which would include the cost of a $5000 work truck. It's a year old car. Any ideas on how to possibly trade down like that?
Well, getting one time or a few times jobs, gives you exposure. People see you out working and they at least know you exist. You will find that referrals will get you more business than any advertisements. But people have to know you exist. When you go to a garden center or a nursery be sure to give out a few business cards. In fact, offer them to people everywhere you go. That means the grocery store, the gas station, the movies, the mall, everywhere. You will get a lot of people who will immediately throw them away but I have found that 1 customer can get you 3 customers through referral, sometimes. Also, offer a referral reward. Say $20.00 for each referral. You have to set boundaries on that though to avoid mowing once, paying the referral and then getting dropped. Say, after one month of paid service then the referrer gets the reward.
As far as your trade down question, I've seen people get their asses handed to them on a stick by trying to trade down. You would probably be better off selling the car out right to a private party and starting from there. A dealer is not going to want to give you any advantage, for the most part. Good luck.
Price fairly but price to stay in business.

You can't charge extra because it takes you twice as long to do the job because you have crappy or outmoded equipment.

And, if they don't pay, put a shovel upside their head.
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