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I found the perfect solution and work by myself, been that way ever since I fired my last helper 5 years ago.

Originally Posted by fastpine View Post
So I should hire some guy who works half as hard for twice as much just cause its "right",,or to avoid being "selfish"......

I guess I dont look at things like most. I see past the petty laws, border lines and BS,,and recognize that a hardworkin man deserves a chance because he is simply that,, a hard workin man just tryin to do the same thing we all are,,,Put a hot plate on the table ..
No, but maybe you're expecting things to fall into place on their own and in some sort of impossibly short order,
hiring the right worker isn't something most companies can manage overnight.
On that note probably not even over a week or a month, and I'm not really sure but it probably takes most of them years.

It's like learning to ride a bicycle, in most cases you can't just hop on it and go,
in most cases it takes a considerable learning curve, and a LOT of practice.
The reason it's easy with the illegals is because they don't have a lot of choice, but right it isn't, I don't think.

Somewhere in all of that lies the right way of doing things, I think,
but taking a shortcut or the easy way out is not it, of that I'm pretty sure.

Sorry if I was hard, never did quite figure it all out my own self, so...

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