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Originally Posted by fastpine View Post
So I should hire some guy who works half as hard for twice as much just cause its "right",,or to avoid being "selfish"......

I guess I dont look at things like most. I see past the petty laws, border lines and BS,,and recognize that a hardworkin man deserves a chance because he is simply that,, a hard workin man just tryin to do the same thing we all are,,,Put a hot plate on the table ..
Yes, you are selfish. Your only thinking OF YOUR bottom line- NOT helping a downtrodden man feed himself and his family. You could care less whether he was from America, Mexico, Iran or Mars as long he works hard on the cheap.

Do you know why Mexicans work so hard- but ONLY when they are visiting America? It has to do with exchange rates. One American dollar equals approximately 12.5 Mexican pesos. The average DAILY WAGE for unskilled labor in Mexico is about 75 Mexican pesos. So let's do the math shall we?

If you pay a Mexican $12.00 per hour that equals 156 Mexican pesos or TWO DAYS MEXICAN WAGES for every hour he works. So if he works 8 hours a day at $12.00Hr that equals about 1250 Mexican pesos or over 3 WEEKS PAY IN MEXICO FOR EVERY DAY HE WORKS HERE. Boy if I could earn 3 weeks American wages for every day I worked in a different country I'd risk my life crossing a desert too and work as hard as I possibly could when I got there. To Mexicans working here it is the next best thing to winning the lottery.

I used to work for a company that sold equipment to Mexican power companies and the field service guys for our company told me down in Mexico the Mexicans barely work at all in the power plants and any other place of business. How hard a person works is relative to what the pay is and how hard or easy it is to get a job.
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