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Originally Posted by MarcSmith View Post
Not to be an ass but when I had my business it was not a charitable organization. I did pay my hard working americans better than normal, but they were worth it and I did not have the pool of latin americans we have now.

I worried about feeding my family. Sorry but most people cannot live on what we we pay, and if that means that they need to get a second job, then so be it. As the saying goes. The world needs Ditch diggers, and guess what ditch diggers don't make 30 bucks an hour...
The point of my post is he acts like he is some charitable business helping a foreigner over an American as if somehow they are more deserving and it has nothing to do with his bottom line. It has nothing to do with paying Americans more its just that you should not expect an American to work as hard as a Mexican who EARNS 2 DAYS MEXICAN PAY FOR EVERY HOUR WORKED HERE- YES EVERY HOUR HERE.

I had tree work done in 2006. The owner had a crew of 4 Mexicans working for him. I was home at the time and got talking to one of them on his lunch break who spoke good English. He liked my house and said he owns one about the same size and lot size 3/4 acre and plans on buying another for a investment. He told me a house like mine would sell for about 600,000 pesos or about $50,000 dollars in Mexico. Now this guy looked about 25, no college education, doing unskilled and semiskilled work able to buy a nice house on his own in his early 20's on a good sized lot in a excellent area. We have college educated American couples both working professional jobs to afford a house here at a young age. And we wonder why Mexicans come here to earn money and send it back home.

Sorry, charity starts at home, then your country, then the rest of the world. But this is not charity we are talking about here but job opportunity's for Americans. I don't recall it saying anywhere in the constitution that equal opportunity is to be extended to foreigners. It's a safe bet the Founding Fathers meant equal opportunity for American citizens.
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