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Bringing back old methods.

So, I have been kicking around an idea for starting a lawncare service in my area. Just for a background, I won't lie I don't know much about the business. I currently work as an EMT. I have a friend at work that use to have a small lawncare service that is willing to help me. Here's the part that is a little different. I'm thinking of going completely motorless(reel mowers, hand powered tool, you know the old schoolway, etc...), or at least electric. Why would someone be crazy enough to do this? I do have a reason. I my area are multiple gated communities, and other high class communities, that all require that the property owners have a lawncare service. Most of these homeowners either are homemakers or they work from home. The number one complaint that they all have is that it is hard to do anything with all the noise of their current lawncare service providers. This is what I think i can capitalize on. I also think that with the current "Go Green" kick that I can use that to help with marketing too. Thought I would throw this idea out to some pros and see what you think.
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