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Going the old school way is partly what I do, but I don't have a crap load of business to worry about like some of these guys. If you are doing it just in that community and not having to full time it with lots of yards, the old school way takes much longer and is a whole lot more muscle work. Like I said, it depends on what you are willing to go through. As far as electric, I had a brief eurika moment about that, but decided it isn't practicle at the moment. There are limited machines from what I see to choose from, running times are limited - like you need to invest in numerous batteries. That in itself will drag down your productivity if you have to wait to recharge them. Perfect yards with only nice grass may work, but if you have tough yards with lots of stringy weed type grass and so on, that would only consume more power and drain faster and also make your motor wear faster. Not to mention, electric motors in these things won't last in a commercial use. All in all, the manual way will be very tedious, take too long per yard, and the electric way will cost you more in the end and won't be all that practical with current technology even though it's improving. Hope that gives you some food for thought.
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