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Originally Posted by 93Chevy View Post
"I don't feel comfortable with you pruning with me or my husband not at home. What happens if you fall off the ladder. I don't even know if you have insurance."

"I understand. If I pulled up with a lettered truck, and 2 employees, and if my name was in the phone book, would you feel differently?"

"Yes, because they have more experience."

"Go ahead and give them a call then."

screw her. that means she pretty much called u because she thought she could get u for cheaper than a "company in the yellow pages!" haha whata joke. the yellow pages are a ripoff and nobody even uses them anymore. they just go online. i pay $2.99 a month to be advertised thru 100 different search engines including google+yahoo. my name pops up from anyone searching locally for a lanscaper. My advice would be to get rid of this customer. she obviously doesnt have the confidence in u or the respect u deserve.
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