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Originally Posted by GrassIsGreenerLawnCare View Post
what? Shut the F UP. did u seriously just say that? what is the injured theif gonna say? ohh i was breaking into his truck and stealing his gas and i got hurt? wow. thats gotta be the dumbest thing ive ever heard right there. anyone comin on my property unwanted is gonna get hurt REAL bad by my pitbull. u can bet that.

pretty sad if cops wont do anything to the people stealin but will harrass u about setting traps!
Yes I just said that. Yes, that is exactly what he is going to say and you will be liable for his injuries. Do you really think a thief cares that he might be charged with burglary when his attorney is gonna rape you for big bucks? And yes, you will probably be harassed by the man and arrested since in most states it is considered a FELONY to set bobby traps that cause injury.

Here is the legal definition for you:

"A booby trap may be defined as any concealed or camouflaged device designed to cause bodily injury when triggered by any action of a person making contact with the device. This term includes guns, ammunition, or explosive devices attached to trip wires or other triggering mechanisms, sharpened stakes, nails, spikes, electrical devices, lines or wires with hooks attached, and devices for the production of toxic fumes or gases.

If a person sets up such a trap to protect his/her property, he/she will be liable for any injury or death even to an unwanted intruder such as a burglar. It is illegal to set a booby trap on one's own property to prevent intruders.

Case law: Katko v. Briney

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