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A friend has been having a lot of problems with fuel being stolen from his truck. So tall rick decided to mix up an extra special batch. Junk gas with butyl alcohol, veggie oil, waste hydraulic oil and a touch of lye for good measure. My friend was running his truck from a fuel tank hidden in the truck tool box. Turns out that a neighbor had some mysterious truck troubles. Oh so sad, he has to have a shop remove the fuel tanks, and the injectors are not feeling too well. The diesel dixie chopper is also mysteriously out of service. Oh my, what terrible luck. I am against the razor blade fuel caps but shooting a theif who threatens one's life is perfectly fine. Either special fuel or a high voltage experience is my style. The high voltage excitement is also so special because once disconnected, it is impossible to trace. A good friend used it to stop the metal grabbers. They stole his awnings and tried to steal the carport. Rebolting the carport with plastic washers and a nylon column bases allowed a fine 480V transformer to be connected by clip to a wire inside the home. No more metal grabbers in the area.
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