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Had 2 odd ones in the past 2 weeks. First guy likes his lawn scalped and I mean scalped and in some spots down to the dirt. I only found this out after he told me I was leaving it to long (2") so I could come every week and charge him. He said it looked like crap at 2" and to take it down to 1/2"! I gladly did it and had scalp marks everywhere! Then he said "looks good" I was like what??????? I tried to explain that no matter how short I cut it it is still going to grow out of his 1/2'' preference and he didn't understand and said it grows slower when its scalped. I said yeh when its scalped and no grass in there after!!!!!

Second one, the lady calls me and says there are clipping left on her when she comes back from the community pool and her feet are wet. I told her the pool ain't even open yet and she says well when its wet out. Then I told her to dry her feet and take off her shoes before she goes in her house. Then I explained I don't bag the 11 acre complex unless it goes way over a week without cutting and she said can you just bag my area!!
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