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After reading this post I decided to dig into the FH601V on my old Turf Tracer 60. I pulled the carb off and noted that the butterfly valve in the carb only opened maybe 3/4 of the way. I thought no problem, I'll grind down the stop on the throttle shaft so the valve will open fully and that will be it. Yep it worked the valve opens fully, but not after I hooked all the linkage rod parts back up. I can get the engine to idle as it should and throttle up to where it was before the mod but cannot get any extra throw out of the linkage to move throttle shaft fully open. I can force the extra movement with my finger on the throttle shaft and note that there is a big difference in engine performance. I'm thinking the linkage rods may be different on these engines and plan on comparing part #s when I get a chance. As a side thought anyone who has played with those throttle plates and that spring that conects from the govener arm to the throttle plate know how big a pain in the a** they can be.
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