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Originally Posted by clif View Post
I'll recheck the governor and cable for binding tomorrow.... Damn thing has a ton of power now though. Cut my back yard (wet grass) full speed as short as I could, didn't bog down any. I can tell from the way the blades spin up much faster that it's more powerful. Plus, if I push the levers full speed ahead too quickly when mowing, it will pop a wheelie now. I guess before, the blades tapped a little power from the hyrdos so that didn't used to happen, now they have more reserve power>?? lol More fun this way to drive now, can't wait till Monday when I go cut a bunch of different yards and vacant lots to see the difference. Once I figure out why my idle is so high, I'll post pictures and explain step by step what I did for others interested.
The throttle shaft barely moves when adjusting the throttle lever. Come to think of it, the cable didn't seem to be binding, because it moved the little thing on the control plate, which is tied in to that governor arm with the spring. It's like the governor arm isn't pulling the throttle shaft closed enough when I back off from the throttle. I can force it, but it doesn't stay. I can't find the throttle cable part on any of the sites I looked up all my parts on either. Maybe this is a hustler part though. I think the "super" mini z used to offer the 25hp kawasaki when I bought my mini z.
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