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Originally Posted by Chris "Greenville" View Post
Effectively is your MINI Z now a Super MINI Z? I know those were sold with the 25hp Kaw. Do you know if the extra power will have any effect on the Hydro's. Still strongly considering this upgrade myself. Thanks.
The hydros on the mini z are the HYDRO-GEAR BDP-10A, whereas the "super" mini z hyrdros are the HYDRO-GEAR BDP-16A, bigger size pumps by 6cc's. Plus, the super mini z has a hydraulic oil cooler system added. But it will have an effect on the hydros in that when you hit tall grass that usually bogs down your engine, you may not bog down anymore or as much, which means your pumps operate more near their maximum output, which means you stay cutting faster -- longer....

I really wanted to upgrade my mini z to the old super mini z 13mph beast once I did the horsepower upgrade, but after pricing pumps, at $400 EACH I decided 9mph will have to do until it craps out then I will buy the 15mph super z. Now I suppose if you know of someone selling some used pumps like that for cheap it might be worth looking into...
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