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Originally Posted by clif View Post
Chris, if I'm not mistaken, all the engines operate at 3600rpm, which is suppose to be the "peak" operating efficiency for the pumps according to the manual. I don't think the pumps would be harmed even if you dropped in a 31hp kawasaki since they're still going 3600rpm. The extra hp will keeps your pumps at 3600rpm and not drop down as much when you are mowing the tall stuff. I noticed my pumps are more efficient when I take off from a stop, used to be when my pto switch was engaged and I take off fast, it would take a little dip in rpm for just a split second, now it doesn't even do that. The pumps "feel" more powerful, probably because I have more power available and they are constantly running a peak power, (i guess!). The top end ground speed seems the same though, but seems to accelerate more quickly now, which I like!!!! I think wheel motors are the same on the super mini z, I think the bigger pumps on that one move more hydraulic fluid faster to the wheel motors, turning them faster, translating to more speed.
So did you ever get the throttle issue figured out?
On another note, if you didn't do this before I'd seriously consider engaging blades just above idle. Not sure how much extra wear this mod would impose on the blade clutch.
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