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Originally Posted by underPSI View Post
So did you ever get the throttle issue figured out?
On another note, if you didn't do this before I'd seriously consider engaging blades just above idle. Not sure how much extra wear this mod would impose on the blade clutch.
I think I might have a solution, just didn't have time left to try it out. Maybe this weekend after work, and if my help shows up, I might get it straight. I got a reply from someone on another site, this guy hops up these kawasakis and races them... he said:

"Cliff, you need to re-synchronize the governor with the throttle shaft. Loosen the bolt on the shaft, hold the throttle shaft to wide open and at the same time turn the governor shaft the same direction until it stops, then tighten the clamping bolt back up. This way when the governor will move the throttle as it needs to to adjust the rpm."

So I will have to remove the muffler again, and remove the exhaust pipe shielding and the control plate to be able to access what he's talking about. Sounds like this is my problem.

About the clutch, I can't remember what the ft/lbs rating is on mine, but if I could find that out as well as the super mini z's, if the two are the same it shouldn't be a problem I wouldn't think. I think the two mowers' part numbers for the clutches were the same when I looked... The super mini z used to come with the 25 hp kawasaki or 24 hp honda.
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