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Did a very light treatment of 20-20-20 the other day (liquid), just to get my feet wet (no pun intended). All went well. Does seem to be a little more blade growth lately.

I'm starting to agree about the fungicide, too. The shady part of the lawn stays fairly moist, and I'm seeing more rust here and there. I still haven't applied my post-emergent Weed-B-Gon, I've just been too busy, and the threat of rain always keeps me guessing. Maybe early next week if it stays "cooler".

Thatch: there is so much dead Poa annua laying around the yard, its sad. On top of that, my raking didn't really seem to remove the thick layer of decaying crap that seemed to be everywhere. So.... I went out and bought a nice thatch rake. Several days and roughly 60 lbs of thatch later, the lawn looks much different. I can actually see the soil!! Big improvement. Although I don't think my back will ever be the same.

Plenty of new, interesting weeds keep popping up.... which I pull out by hand. Crabgrass, clover, dandelion, some bermuda, really too many to list. Really needs a herbicide, but that'll have to wait until the right day.

1. What is a good retail fungicide for Zoysia?
2. I've heard rumors about treating for grubs... good retail product?
2. Any ideas what the following pictures show?

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