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Originally Posted by AWJ Services View Post
We do have issues with the plastic tanks collapsing if installed incorrectly but they are easier to handle.
Luckily we still have lots of room for conventional drainfields and if it is installed correctly they give years of excellent service.
There are lots of convention fields in the area are doing well a septic system should last for a couple decades. There are lots of stupid homeowners when was the last time you had the septic tank pumped they look at you and say I don't know. The people that moved from a place like Vancouver you don't have septic tanks. Then you see some people dumping bleach down the drain uh what are you doing you tell them that kills your septic tank.

Not too long after they are having septic system problems because they kept killing the septic tank.

Plastic tanks are used around here where it isn't possible to use a cast concrete one. Concrete is a more durable tank for sure especially if it is being buried in a area where a lawn will be or possibly some weight driven over it.

I used to get the jobs of digging off the top of the septic tanks for pumping and inspection.

Homeowners on septic systems should know where there septic tank is where the drain field is. They should know when the tank was pumped last if in doubt pump it out.

New realestate sales regulations states the homeowner now has to have the septic tank pumped and the system inspected some people are in for some nasty surprises and they have to take 10 grand or more off the asking price.
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