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Fungicide help please

Hey everyone, I have a reoccurring problem every year and have posted about it every year as I'm a bit paranoid since I lost the lawn to brown patch in 08 here.

Last year I posted here but think this ended up being my own doing mowing a bit too low and once I raised the deck it seemed to clear up.

This year I started a thread but probably in the wrong forum here. I have some high resolution pic's uploaded in this thread with links to imageshack for them.

However, the problem is getting worse since I took these photo's and with the dam humidity and constant rain we'll I can see why.

Another 3" here between Thursday into Friday (June 3 & 4) and more rain late evening on Friday and I'll be dammed if I don't hear thunder as I'm typing

Not to mention the fact that it's so humid you can't stay out longer then it did me to take the pic's below without getting soaking wet.

I'm getting a bit desperate here guys, as I said I'm paranoid of fungus since I lost the whole lawn in 08 and I've took all the advice everyone here has given even to the point of aerating last fall, spreading compost to reduce disease and changed my cultural practice and type of fertilizer this year and switched to slow release fertilizer in hopes of preventing what I'm seeing now.

I go back to the thread from last year with this and it don't look half as bad as it does now and I'm beginning to see Deja Vo of 08

From the prior threads some say Avoid using fungicides but I'm considering Heritage if thats the right thing to do at this point or am I jumping the gun? And if Heritage how far will the 4 oz bottle cover as I can't find out from the pdf label online. Need to know how much to buy.

Please help, thanks in advance
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