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Originally Posted by Think Green View Post
In my experiences mowing the turf taller, the grass will outgrow the discoloration however, the disease is still there...........just covered up. Bermuda grass is the same in toleration.
We have treated lawns with chlorthalonil and propiconazole. It is the seasons that bring this stuff on, so prevention is needed. Chlorothalonil is a preventative and propiconazole is a preventative and curative............according to my labels.
Baking Soda is a natural curative concoction and you will need to use a spreading and sticking agent with it.
Thanks Think Green,
I found the label online and from what I can tell so far propiconazole is used in a combination with Heritage no?

Trying to understand as this was on the label:
Tank Mixtures - Pesticides
QUALIPRO PROPICONAZOLE 14.3 ME can be tank mixed with ONLY ONE of the
following partners: DACONIL® 2787 Flowable Fungicide or HERITAGE® Fungicide
or Primo MAXX® Turf Growth Regulator. Read the label of DACONIL 2787 Flowable
Fungicide or HERITAGE Fungicide or Primo MAXX Turf Growth Regulator and follow
the precautionary statement, directions for use (rates, diseases controlled and application
intervals) and other restrictions.
I'd try the baking soda but dKoester said it won't help the turf, just rid the turf of the fungus and I'm looking for a curitive Fungicide. However you say baking soda is a curitive measure????

I'm not concerned of price, as I've done put a lot of time and effort and long days getting the yard to where it is now so a couple hundred on a treatment like Heritage would not be out of the question if it will work for me?

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