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I agree with Both DVS and Stone face, all good advice. Though to me there's only so much to be learned from photos, and not defending your guy, becuase there's most always a way to not creat a pitch like that, it's outright dangerous if snow or ice covered. Anyway, is there something off to the left if the pictured area that explains why he created the pitch, was there something there he needed to meet the height of somehow? If so I think he picked the wrong way, but at least there's a reason. Also Stoneface makes a good point, I'll buy the possibility of those "odd" pavers being caused by a water/ice condition, however the whole right side of the patio has a belly about midway between the poured walk and the house, thus I believe a combination of problems. Either way the fix is the same, removal and re-installation, proper excavation and compaction are big here, and you'd get a chance to fix that ridiculous pitch too, patio does not appear large from pics, but again, they only show the problem area.

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