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What happened here:

The person, and right now I couldn't even call him a contractor or a man of his word because of the work he performed, did provide pictures and a list of happy customers, but guess what, they went out of business shortly after my patio was done. I should have done a lot of things different, namely one would have been to sit all day with these guys and watch what they were doing. They told me how they were going to perform the job, but through an engineering evaluation, this was not the way the job was done. When this mess gets torn up and redone, you can bet I am going to have a list of things that I am going to require the new guy to initial as well as looking at work that he did a few years ago, and not just finished. This company went out of business, and now I have an open claim with the DLLR. Your evaluations have helped me tremendously. If you guys did the job, would you have leveled the patio and put something like a French drain in for rain water to run off. This slant is ridiculous and one which I have been fighting about since day one. The contractor said it was necessary. The drain at the top of the steps that you see in the picture (white) is open and clean, but my worry is that this contractor buried the sump pump drain and I fear that it was never connected to anything and is simply dumping out its discharge underneath the pavers and not draining anywhere, just sitting there. Yes, this was the cheapest estimate, but he was a local contractor and said since I lived in the area, etc. I know, I know, I should have done my homework. This is definitely the most expensive lesson I have ever learned. May I state one thing? When I have contractors come to my home and I ask them to put things in writing when I am getting estimates for jobs; i.e., length of warranty, how long the job will take, when the job will start, etc., I have gotten some pretty weird remarks and no one wants to put stuff in writing. From now on, if it is not in writing or if they refuse to put something in writing, their not doing the job! I trusted the contractor and took his word, now look at the job I got. Can you believe that when the original contractor saw this patio as it looked in the above pictures, he said it only needed some pavers taken up and some handfuls of sand put in. I think they need to re-evaluate his license. Thanks to all of you. Do any of you guys live in Carroll County Maryland and want to do this jobthe right way?
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