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icobob this is a very easy job.remove the clips that hold the linkages in place and slide off linkage. PULL the carb off be careful with the gasket while removing carb .take it to a clean workbench and remove 4 screws attaching butterflies .make note of how the butterflies came off you could make small reference marks with a marker.once the butterflies are removed the shaft will slide right out the side of carb.if you had a dremel tool you could actually grind the ear on the stop down without even removing butterflies .only remove a little at a time until the butterflies are able to open flat all the way as the previous pics showed .make sure everything is clean and metal shavings free and reinstall carb and connect linkages .pretty easy you shouldn't have to make any linkage adjustments at all.but always check idle and wot engine speeds and adjust as needed just for good measure.also pick up the oil cooler and extension joint
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