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Originally Posted by clean_cut View Post
I found a Scag Tri Vantage 52" mower on CL and I can't find much info about them. I know the exmark Tri vantage decks clump in wet grass/weeds but I cant figure out if the scag and exmark mowers have the same deck or if it's a completely different design.

I have a scag 52" Advantage but a floating deck would be great and it is a hydro at only $1,100..... I could either fix it up and sell it or use it and sell my current Scag 52".

So does this mower look like a good deal to you, or is the deck just a bad design and not worth the money?


I seen it on craiglist the other day.

If it were that good of a deal, it would be gone! Plus it looks like its a Briggs engine, which means its been more than likely not original.
I wouldnt mess with it, unless you check it out and they'd take about $800 for it.
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