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Originally Posted by TSB group View Post
100 yards with 5 full time guys and you? Must not be doing that many mulch jobs. I just passed 160 and its just my brother and I. What is your average size job? I seem to be around 13-14 yards.

yeah we do are share amount, but usually when we lay mulch we are usually installing new landscaping. Mulching everybody can do it and it doesnt take much skill, kind of like mowing. You can make a decent amount but im taking my company in a different direction, Were getting into drainage work, and hardscaping, landscape lighting, and this fall we will be offering installation of irrigation & maintenance on them. But yeah your right we probably average around 10 yards a week, and most jobs are small, usually 2 or 3 yards per job. This last install which I took a few shots of was 29 yards. Were probably close to 200 yards for the yr. This yr we have installed alot of river rock, probably close to 50 yards this yr.
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