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Originally Posted by User Name Taken View Post
So if my model suffix is DS20 (FH680V-DS20R)do I order parts for a FH721-DS20R ??? I see no "R" behind any of the model #'s . So in order to make my 680V (23hp) a 721V (25hp) I need shaft 16041-7025, joint 59071-7009, o-ring 92055-7006, and oil cooler 39067-7008 ?
Guess I could get the 721 decal too.

Thanks, Chris
Mine has FH601v-DS22r but online they show no R. I ordered the FH721v-DS22 parts for my mower. This should be correct. I'm not sure what all the differences are if any between all the sub-model numbers for each engine, might just be the year or location it was built, or something like that. But I would match up the sub-model numbers for sure.
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