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Originally Posted by jasonnau View Post
Just to add my two cents back and give you a little more info, we mow 16-19 lawns per day with the price range being somewhere between 35 and 90. Take them all, divide the income and they average about 40 or so dollars each. As for a dollar amount, I've had plenty of 1000 dollar (gross) days. And quite a few 100 dollar (net) days.
I'd love to have a $1000 day. Much of this depends on the market one is in too. When I lived in Akron, OH I could easily charge $40.00 a cut for a city lot. Here in Atlanta the going rate is $20.00. I have seen my competitors' quotes and most of them are well-respected legit companies. Then there's acreage. A one-acre lot could easily bring home $80.00-$100.00 a mow, but not in the Atlanta market:$60.00. Companies around here are generally larger operations that make their money on volume, not margin. This is why so many of the smaller operations are driving around in 20-year-old trucks and beat-up trailers. They need to compete with the larger discount pricing outfits just to have their bids considered. All the other facets of landscaping are the same way. The craziest bids are probably on irrigation systems. Guys down here price by the number of zones (stupid IMHO). Three zone system? $1200.00 installed. That's $400.00 a zone. Gotta go.
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