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I can run myself and one other guy from 7am to 5:00 and generate gross $400-$500 pretty comfortably. I'm making money. Your numbers are a little low for my liking. Something's better than nothing, I suppose but I have a simple and effective way of determining if you're business is worth doing. Find your net income per day, after all expenses up, down, left, and right, it's all taken off the gross. Then look at that number square in the face. Is that number enough to get you out of bed in the morning? Honestly? If that number doesn't excite you, you're not making money and the business probably needs to be farmed out and you spend your time doing something else. Or, if the number does get you up and out, concentrate on making the route leaner. Cut payroll, add properties, whatever. I do both and I'm looking good at a strong 40% net, up from 23% last year margin. See, $100 in my pocket for a long hard day isn't worth it to me. I won't get up for $100. I could sit in front of Craigslist in my underwear and sell crap for much more than a Benjamin. But $250...yeah...I'm in for that number. And the good thing about my income is that I've got 5 crews making money for me every day while I go out with one other worker. So money's coming in from all directions. That's what you want to accomplish. Anything short of that and you're just trading time for money...and not much at that.
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