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Originally Posted by TMlawncare View Post
Even with a 3 man crew 15 lawns in 2.5hrs is very difficult. We can do it in a sub division where we have 7 lawns all together and another with 8 lawns. This practically eliminates wasted windshield time, etc. If the routing was not that close I don't think we could get then done no matter how small the lawns are. The windshield, loading/unloading would kill you. Think about it this way, you must be getting a lawn done in less then 10 minutes. If you have to drive to the next lawn you must deduct your drive time plus your loading/unloading from that 10 minutes. Crap you may be left with only 3 minutes to get the lawn mowed, trimmed and blowed off. Like I said if the lawn are not in groups of 7 or more we or probably no one else could not get them done in 2.5 hrs.
I'd have to agree. Those lawns would have to be fairly small and located right next to each other to make this happen. A 60" Z rider can pump out roughly 4 acres an hour on wide open land, so maneuvering in between residences would probably net someone 2-3. If the houses average a fifth-acre of turf or less then this could be possible with another guy at the hands of the trimmer/edger. The mower operator would likely be done right around the 2:15 mark which would leave time for him to start up the blower.
Operating solo with a 48" hydro walk, I can usually drop gate-mow-trim-edge-blow-reload trailer-deliver paperwork on a quarter acre lot in about 30 minutes.
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