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Originally Posted by Lazer_Z View Post
That can't be, it has to have a ground. I know the white wire is the ground on the wiring for my trailer and mine is a 4 prong flat. I've sprayed both the ball and the receiver tube on the hitch and have never had a problem with my lights.
actually rob it's very probable for that to be the case. regardless of the type of wiring system if it's not properly grounded the ground can be picked up threw the ball/coupler and even the safety chain. when i was in my mechanics class back in high school the teacher taught us that. it's more likely to happen in an older vehicle where the trailer harness is the aftermarket kind installed by unplugging the tail light harness and inserting the trailer harness in between the 2 ends of the tail light harness. anytime you're dealing with wiring in a car the saying that rings most true is... stranger things have happened
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