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We've been kinda lucky on growth, it's been raining so much here that the sun hasn't been out much so they're barely growing. That and red thread is beating the crap out of the lawns. Like today, I was doing 3 places without dumping the bags and they weren't heaping when I did dump them. My yard which I haven't done since the day before memorial day only yeileded 2 level sets of bags and it'd a half acre that I bag.

What would you guys do in this situation, this lady I mow for mowed her freaking grass on her own the past 2 weeks. I was there on Thursday doing mulch and told her I would be coming to mow it the next day,I pull up today and hey look at that it's done. The worst part is her yard was beautiful, but she keeps cutting it at like an inch! It's totally browned out now. She did the same thing with snow removal this winter. I think I'm going to tell her if she doesn't give me at least a days notice I'm going to charge her $10 for the drive out. There was plenty of black smoke dumped infront of her house today while she was out there cutting it so hopefully that gave a small sign of me being pizzed.
I might retire today
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