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Foundation plant material

Over my nearly 25 yrs. as a professional landscaper, and now Certified Arborist's Assistant, I have seen some shrubs that seem to fare better than others, generally speaking. Alpine Spirea, which blooms season long. Potentilla fruticosa, white or yellow/gold, are pretty bulletproof. Viburnum trilobum compactum as well. Taxus yews, while some say are overused, are a good standard evergreen, but deer will browse. I don't like junipers, except maybe the spreading Blue Rug, as foundation plants. Also not big on Arbor Vitae, as deer browse them,too. Also, if you don't keep height in check, they will revert to tree-form, and be up to roofline in no time. Variegated Dogwood and Persian lilacs seem to thrive with few pests affecting them. I'd avoid roses and rhododendrons, as they are fussy. For sure, without an in-person evaluation, I can only throw ideas. You need to get soil tested for Ph and nutrients. Also match material with the amount of sun that the area receives. Use a composted bark mulch, not fresh wood chips. Don't bury the plants in it; 2-3 inches is fine. Keep the plants 28-36 inches from foundation, and 36-48 inches from each other(read tags). Hope this was helpful. Good luck! BM
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