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Well today I decided I'd start putting the gravel back in that I had removed, by hand, and noticed I was all of a sudden losing about 1/2" in an hour. So I started to check everything again, and my brother-in-law who was hanging around mentioned that he crossed the stream and had stepped on the rocks just at the lip of the weir, and it felt like they moved.
So I double checked and just to be sure put in additional waterfall foam ust to be safe.

We had to go to the yacht club for the annual meet & greet luncheon and when I came back the pond was almost empty. The pump was pumping lots of air and it looked like a whirlpool.

I have now completely torn down and re-done the weir hoping that it will be the cause. If not, I'm at a loss......again.

This is just like owning a boat...b=break...o=out...a=another...t=thousand.
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