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Removed ~10 shrubs, rooty soil, what's the next step?

I had about 10 ~8' tall shrubs going across my front yard that I hated. Hooked up my truck and yanked them all out. I then went around grabbing every root that I could find and pulling it out. However, there is still a pretty large patchwork of smaller roots in the soil (er, or sand), and also it appears a big part of the top portion of soil is held together with what I would call mini-roots, just running everywhere.

It's now bare from the curb to about 8-10' back into the yard. I plan on putting a ~4' tall fence there, mulch each side of it out to a couple feet, then the rest grass. Then I will be planting some SMALL bushes/shrubs, no larger than 3' tall or so. Also, some flowers as well.

I also pulled out a ~15' tall pine tree in the middle of the front yard, where the soil is now similar.

I've already bought 3.5 tons of topsoil so far to fill in the holes and low spots and have spread that.

My question is the soil now with all the roots. Can I just leave it as it is, and dig holes as I need them for fencing/shrubs/flowers? Or, is it in my best interest to go ahead and get a tiller and break it all up so that it's no longer clumped up?

Or, are there other suggestions? Thanks in advance.

I'm at work right now, the other pics are blocked on my other site.

All the old stumps.

The entire area along the roadway there:

One of the smaller shrub stumps.
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