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Originally Posted by Coumbe View Post
I did what you are wondering about. I went from being an IT manager to an LCO. At times I'm glad, other times I wonder what would have been better. Stay or go???? Nice cool office being payed for what you know can be nice. But I like running my own business too. Ask me again in 2 days and I might have a different answer. Good Luck and don't build too much debt when starting out!!!!
Nice....good to hear that you made the jump. I did not want to leave until I was laid off. It is hard to turn down a separation package for a half year with full pay. I was lucky and had the chance when I was in my Early 20's to own a landscaping company. Young and not business minded, but I made things happen via all contacts, advertising, and word of mouth. My work was quality and affordable as I did not have the overhead big companies had. Now 17 years later I realize that I am not cut out for the good ole shirt and tie job. Life was good for a long time. The overseas folks were not the big game in town. Outsourcing was not popular seven years ago. Now....whoaaa....even our (well should say my last employer) even outsourced the HR department to India. It was taking a major hit. Everyone wondered daily if they would have a job. I did it for three long years. The cash was great, but since they could get a outsourcing company to preform my job I was cut.

What is the worst thing that can happen.....I have 15 accounts the first year, a used Bobcat 36" (just picked up a 80's with a Kawi 460V in good shape) a new ZTR say 54-61 pref, backpack, 8hp little wonder, and trimmer I still have) I also have a 04 F250 SD that is ready for work.

If I decide that after a year it is not for me, I take a 2-3K beating on the new mower. ( I can probably cut that loss with the sale of the accounts)

Like someone said in a previous thread, I have more experience now. Not to mention the IT knowledge to leverage. On-line bill development....and project management would bring additional aspects to a landscaping company.

I should have stated that I have some flexibility with the first year income. I am well rounded in all aspects of construction. I can always find odd jobs to substitute income in the winter.

The best part now is that I don't have to listen to some as$hole director. No more political bs, a$s kissing, conf calls, meetings that run in circles, and other office related bs.

Sour...mmm yes, but have learned to focus my energy toward a business venture that is leaning toward a landscaping co in 2011.

Keep in touch and enjoy the change.
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