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Originally Posted by Mike821 View Post
Thanks Watkins.....Your advice has me thinking. Why not start this year. I might not mow being it is late in the game, but hard scape, leaf cleanup, and plowing can be easily done this year. Now it is just a matter of purchasing the Right equipment for the task.
Nah, it's never too late to mow.
I picked up one job because I was mowing a small job for 20 bucks just because it was in a prime real estate location, I got called about a week after mowing, when I asked them how they heard of me they stated they had seen the nice lines I did and it looked great, it was a small lawn I could not use my zero turn on ( about 120 x 40 lawn ) so I used my 44 inch walk behind and made sure I double cut and did diamond cuts every time, trimmed and made it look great, I even spent 20 mins cutting his hedges for 30 bucks so it would look better.
Quality work in prime locations can get you phone calls, however I never bid my jobs less then 35 dollars if i'll spend more then 45 mins there.
I'm a small guy, but I average a total of 900 a week doing odd jobs and clean-ups. I think I do really well when I mention a free gutter clean-out if I cut their lawn for 72 bucks.. but the lawn will usually take about 40 mins after cutting & trimming is complete but thats in area's not in a prime location, or out of high traffic areas.
The more traffic the better, I like to be seen and I like to make the lawn cry when I leave cuz it will miss me LOL.
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