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Originally Posted by topsites View Post
You plan on half-assing it the second time around or you want to do it right?

Why it is that the hard way is usually the right way, however you decide
but your choices today affect how things will go later down the road.

Go find a part time (or full time) job and while you're still living with your parents
save your money as much as you can put aside, keep doing that until you have
6-7-8000 dollars, might take a year (or three) but don't look back and no regrets.

And I'm not trying to talk you out of anything but that enclosed trailer new?

I believe for my 6x12 single axle regular trailer I paid $1,500 new.
I'm in my 9th year and that trailer is all I have ever used, I cover things with tarps,
didn't even realize there existed other ways.

You'll also need some decent hand helds, that will run you a grand.
Plan on spending 3-4 thousand on lawn mowersss.

You're going to need a 3/4 ton pickup truck, they cost at LEAST a grand but
if you can spend 1400-2-3000 that would be better.

Then you still need a shovel, a rake, a tarp or two, oh you have all that, a wheel barrow,
loppers, shears, pruners, a hand saw, and a set of tools like sockets / wrenches / a hammer / etc.

Well that's 8 grand.
Get a game plan for what you want to do. Set some goals and stay focused. Some guys like Topsite here will try to turn your situation into crap regardless of which route you choose. Just know that guys like him are always out there (and on this site) and they will always try to drag you down and run you through the mud. If you can rise above all of that and keep getting back up when you get knocked down then you will do just fine. Best of luck parnter!
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