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grandstand quality of cut

I recently purchased the 2009 52" grandstand with 23hp kawasaki. My issue is in the quality of cut. First off, it never seems to leave a crisp cut and i need to go over everything twice. More importantly, I get two small strips of uncut grass where the front casters roll over. It seems like I'm not getting the suction needed to lift up the grass those tires roll over. I have been hesitant to use it because of that issues so I took it to my dealer. They re-leveled the deck and told me to keep the underside clean. Even after that it still has these problems and I can't get through grass my z450 easily cuts. I took it back in and they said its just the time of the year where the grass is thick and wet. One thing i noticed is that i see a lot of air blowing out of the trim side, shooting small bursts out the side at random times. Also, grass clippings shoot out the front of the deck while I cut, and my Z doesn't do that. Does anyone have this problem too, and does anyone have any advice?
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