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Ok, you have $2600 worth of "new" equipment. If you are able to talk with your partner reasonably, at best the equipment is now worth $2000. Speak with him to see if he would split it for a $1k by out. If your parents can help go that route, they should have no reason to say no, if you are a good worker (also if they have the money). This will keep you in the business, and you will know what you have (equipment way). So you are not out looking for new/used junk just to get started all over again.

I have leaned on my parents, and have repaid them with interest. I have really learned alot about business by working with my rents over the years, which is now paying off very well. I applaud you and wish you the best of luck.

Also, tarping equipment is protection for that equipment-not a shameful act. NEVER be ashamed of what you have, or have to do to keep your business going. Just try to better yourself every year!!!

Your success will come, if you plan and save
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